Storm Casual Defensive Kora

Created by ScrubKid on 02/02/2019 01:27:07

This is a fun, casual deck vs friends with starter decks/other casual decks.
Based on NU2:s Kora deck.

This is my first deck I "made". (That's a strong word since I took NU2:s deck and did some updates/tweeks).

I bought the Kora toys first (because I love Maris) then realised it had a TCG aswell so I wanted to make deck with Kora. This deck could get many improvements. I made it when I had close to 0 experience in the game but I thought I would share it anyway.

Alright on to the deck!
With this set up, the deck has a slow start. Basically respond to what the opponent is throwing at you until you get some cards for a combo or a set up. Heals activates that nice chip damage which add up in the long run, and it can trigger and turn some clunky cornered, damage reduction buffs.

-Every heal in the deck will trigger Kora's ability (unless you get reduced healing).
-Disrupt enemy buffs, heal when you need to, bubble fish for that extra defense.
-Use Storm Fiend primary to pay for combos because it can be any storm element.
-When you have couple of attack cards ready set up Storm Shaman.
-Use Cloud Harvester to get back your Storm Shamans and attack action cards.

Yes there is 1 card missing in here. I wanted to have the old Skyrider on it for the healing but the reprinted version doesn't have the heal. 2. Gives a bit of creativity for you.

You could add a weapon for consistent damage or perhaps a way to draw cards.
Also I am not sure if Thunder Slug + Mari Bard is overkill. It makes it easy to deal with buff heavy decks but less room for attacks. Could always tweek it and get more room for a couple of damage cards.
Not sure which one is better: Dust Fiend or Dust King. Both have simular use.

Combo Elements


Action Card Elements


Main Deck

Card Quantity Order Deck Type Granted Elements Card Elements Card Value Family Expansion % Used Total In Decks Used Ranking Total Cards Ranking
Kora1Hero£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Cleansing Wind1Combo Attack£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Electro Stun1Combo Buff£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Healing Rain1Combo Buff£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Murky Waters1Combo Attack£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 3 (Kindred)
Storm Wall1Combo Buff£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 3 (Kindred)
Bubble Fish3Buff£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 3 (Kindred)
Cloud Harvester2Buff£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Crackling Beast2Attack£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Delivery Crab3Defend£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 2 (Mythical)
Dust Fiend3Attack£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 2 (Mythical)
Heroic Starfish3Attack£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 3 (Kindred)
Mari Bard2Buff£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 3 (Kindred)
Spark Wisp2Attack£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 2 (Mythical)
Wave 3 (Kindred)
Storm Shaman3Buff£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Thunder Slug3Buff£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 2 (Mythical)
Wave 3 (Kindred)
Vitalizing Frog3Defend£0.00Wave 1 (Awakening)
Wave 2 (Mythical)


Card Quantity Order Deck Type Granted Elements Card Elements Card Value Family Expansion % Used Total In Decks Used Ranking Total Cards Ranking

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